Welcome to the POV web page.

Here are details of the group Persistence Of Vision, a demo writing and compilation group from the days when the Atari ST, Atari Falcon and Amiga A500 were the most popular home computers.

Persistence Of Vision, or POV for short, came about due to high price of floppy disks. Many releases would fit on a single sided floppy disk (720kb) and in most cases it was not a simple solution to copy all files from two floppy disks to a double sided disk. Starting with simple demos, Mac Sys Data reverse engineered the code and managed to get two demos working from a single, double sided floppy disk.

Next came the work to write a packer so more releases could fit on a floppy disk. Work progressed with demo compilations and demos written by ourselves, sometimes under a pseudonym to keep the POV name clean.

Explore the site, download the POV releases and get back into the glorious days of the Atari ST & Falcon.