Who are POV?

Persistence Of Vision, or POV, started in 1987 as a demo packing and demo writing crew. The crew was formed by Mac Sys Data who wrote virtually all the POV menus.

Most people will recognise the POV name but relate it to the now famous ray tracing program that took the same name. All I can say is that we were here first and I wish I had copyrighted the name!

Mac Sys Data, Boris and Ozymandias were the most productive and long lived members of POV. Not only did they create over 130 compilations but wrote several demos, graphic slideshows and a few utilities. The three went undercover for some of their more ‘dodgy’ work, relying on aliases to keep the POV name clean.

Many of the game hacking/packing crews used POV menu code written by Mac Sys Data but released under the aliases of ‘Spaceman Spiff’ or ‘Ivor Biggun’. You can visit one such crew POV wrote for by following this Adrenalin link.



Although the popularity of the Atari ST range has almost died, POV are still active releasing packed demos on compilations. The recent compilations are compatible with the Atari Falcon where possible and most disks should work with emulators.

There has been an increase in interest for POV disks as the emulators will not accept some protected demos. All POV demos were cracked/packed and so work with emulators. Some of our demos were linked using an in-house file linker. More details on the file linker will appear here later together with the complete source code listing.

You can take a look at some of our most recent work by following the download link.